Saturday, April 16, 2011

Celebrity KERSTIN LINNARTZ spends a month at SCHOOL FOR LIFE in Thailand

Kirstin Linnartz is one of those people that breaths enthusiasm. Even though she has been an ambassador for Choclo Project for a year already my first chance to actually meet her was at the Berlin Yoga Expo and to be honest I didn’t really know what to expect from a TV presenter/model. I definitely wasn’t expecting a warm, opened armed hug in the middle of the Choclo stand and neither was the potential customer I was talking to! After he had taken one look at her he just said “go, I understand”! I don’t know if it has anything to do with all the yoga Kerstin does but she is about as down to earth as they come. She is so down to earth in fact that she took a month out of her incredibly busy schedule (just try getting through her PR agents on the phone) to go and work with an School for Life orphanage last year. I can’t remember anymore whether Choclo found Kerstin or whether Kerstin found Choclo but either way it is a great fit and we are proud to have her representing the brand. Kerstin is also an ambassador for school for life and once they invited her to spend a month with the orphans in Thailand she jumped at the chance.

School for Life was established in 2003 and is located in the mountains of Doi Saket, which is located about 30 kilometers north of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Founded by Prof. Dr. Juergen Zimmer and Thaneen "Joy" Worrawittayakun in 2003 it provides a home and education to children in difficult circumstances. 140 such children have found a new home here and many more would like to come from around Thailand. Often coming from traumatic backgrounds the children get a new start to life in an environment that accepts them and understands where they are coming from.

With a totally unique education system that is free of any traditional techniques Prof. Dr. Juergen Zimmer concentrates on bringing confidence and laughter back to the children, focusing on the skills they have rather than making them feel inadequate or different because they do not know the derivative of 12 (something they will more than likely never need on their lives).

Subjects such as mathematics, biology and history are linked to projects specific to their needs, based on the learning and earning concept where they learn entrepreneurial skills through ecological farming, the restaurant or traditional Thai dancing. The founder believes that the only way to break out of poverty for these children is to be innovative and enterprising. School for Life urgently needs godparents for the kids (already with small amounts per month one can support a child and gets regular mails and updates from them ...). It is also possible to make money donations through the website

Kerstin worked with the communal learning team helping with meals, classes and day to day activities and she regards her time there as one of the most rewarding experiences in her already inspirational life. In fact she is currently organizing a high profile fundraiser in Berlin this year to help raise money for the center. Choclo will be one of the sponsors of this wonderful event. To find out more about Kerstin go to and for her upcoming yoga retreats and events visit

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