Friday, August 8, 2014

Immunity booster

It's winter in Australia at the moment and there are a lot of bugs and flus going around. To keep myself protected, and my immunity supported I've got a killer recipe that I use to kill the bacteria and help my body fight anything foreign that comes to attack it.

It is a very potent shot of four ingredients that work together perfectly to fight bugs in the body. It's highly anti-inflammatory, great for the digestion and the cayenne pepper helps loosen up any flem stuck in the chest. Every time I have these I feel an instant hit of relief. I recommend having two a day when fighting a bug and one a day when maintaining.

Basically you cold press 1 thumb nail size piece of turmeric and ginger, and 1 lemon, then you add in 1/2 a tsp cayenne pepper. We recently found out that in order for turmeric's properties to be activated it needs to be accompanied by an oil. I prefer coconut oil, so before I do the shot, I swish 1 tsp of coconut oil around in my mouth and then do the shot. If you don't have a cold press juicer another option in to make a tea out of these same ingredients or to throw all the ingredients into a smoothie.