Monday, February 17, 2014

Converting your parents

Me and my Dad’s super green juice to start this beautiful day in Newcastle. Loaded with grapes, kale, English spinach, mint, apple and carrot. And our beautiful organic vege breakfast :)

After having a conversation on the phone yesterday with my beautiful @matildamclellan , I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on one of the main topics of our conversation…. Parents and clean eating/living.

My Mum has always been ‘health conscious’. We were never allowed packets of chips, roll ups, fruit loops or any of those other processed nasty’s that were consumed by so many people surrounding us growing up. Our Dad was always a little more lenient and I guess a lot more ‘mainstream’ in his views of health and nutrition.

Since this huge health movement has come about there are many people changing their lifestyles and diets for the better. It took me 2 days to completely change my view on nutrition and living “cleanly” but it’s taken me months to implement it completely into my life. 

Basically where I’m going with this is that our parents have 20-40 more years worth of habits and beliefs to shift and change in comparison to us in our twenties or teens. I spoke to my Dad about it this morning and he said, “I’m fully on board for clean living.” “It’s all about education. For example, smoking was advertised to us as ‘healthy’ and ‘cool’ back when I was your age so of course we all listened to the media and took up smoking.” “Now that I have the knowledge of what cigarettes can do to you I wish I never put one of those death sticks in my mouth.” 

It was amazing to have this conversation with my Dad as I vaguely remember months ago him complaining over the cost of organics and the convenience of supermarkets. He now drinks green drinks daily and follows me to all the health food shops where ever in the world we are.  It just takes one step at a time.  Have patience with your parents, let them know it is not to late and help them realize that there is another way to pure health. 

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