Sunday, February 16, 2014

A reflection

We were asked to fill this out for our next contest so I decided to share it with you all so you can have a peek into my feelings and thoughts on my year so far.

How's the traveling been for the last year on the WCT / WQS? 

Amazing, tiring and exciting. There’s so many highs and lows… mostly highs but I mean its always hard getting knocked out when you’re on the other side of the world. 

Has there been any highlights for you since you have been touring? 

There have been so many highlights. In particularly the travel… exploring new places, meeting new people, being immersed in new cultures. You’re never left without something to do, there is always something to look forward to and it is so amazing for personal growth.

Are you happy with how your surfing at the moment?

I feel super happy within my surfing at the moment. 2013 was hard because I kind of got to breaking point at the end of the year where I was mentally fatigued but after having such a long time off to train and prepare and get my head right I’ve definitely found my happy place in the ocean.

Have you been training a lot more coming into 2014? What's changed? 
I’ve been travelling back and forward from home to Lennox Head to do fitness training and coaching. It’s definitely the hardest I’ve trained before but I’m loving every second and its so rewarding seeing the hard work pay off and reflect in my surfing. This summer was different because I was at a place where I was completely loving and enjoying every second of my training… there was no “oh I have to”, it was a more “oh I get to!” haha.

Did u compete in the Australian Open in Manly this week?

      If yes what was your result? Were you happy with it? 
How confident do you feel going into this years Surfest?

Yep I ended up 5th in Manly. I was really excited to make it into the quarters. I went into the contest with absolutely no expectations and basically just to enjoy the experience and find my feet for the year ahead. It’s definitely given me a lot of confidence going into Surfest, as it feels like all my hard work training is really paying off. 

Who do u think will be your biggest competition this year in this event?
What is one fact some people might not know about you? 

To be honest I think that every girl in the contest is a threat. Everyone is improving at such a crazy rate and there is really no such thing as a ‘easy’ heat anymore. It’s amazing to see women’s surfing rising at such an insanely quick pace, it certainly keeps me on my toes.One fact is that I'm a total  health nut, live completely organically (where possible) and am addicted to mango stein.(It's a fruit haha).

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