Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An insight into Organic produce featuring my Super Green Super Juice.

When I'm travelling around the world competing, the two things I definitely miss the most is my local organic health food shop and my veggie patch. Because of my studies, the way I've been brought up and the experiences I've had, I really dislike eating produce from supermarkets, that is non-local and that has been sprayed with all sorts of things that I believe the human body should not be exposed to. I understand that this choice of living may be a.more expensive b.not so convenient and c.un realistic for many, but like I said I've chosen this path because of the way my life has been shaped and the experiences I've had.


What does organic mean?
Organic means that no artificial chemical fertilisers, growth hormones or pesticides, and no genetically-engineered substances have been used in producing the end product. Overall, you get fruit, vegetables and meat that have been naturally produced.

Why eat organic? 
Naturally-grown, chemical-free fresh fruit and veggies have been proven to contain more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micro-nutrients than conventional farming produce. A study by researchers at the University of Washington in the US has now also revealed that children who eat more organic food are exposed to six to nine times fewer toxic pesticides than those kids fed a conventional diet. SO please feed your precious kiddies organically. 
Not only is organic food good for your body and soul, but it's also amazing for the environment. Organic farming encourages biodiversity, and without the use of herbicides and pesticide, wildlife is given a new lease of life. There are also no polluting chemicals. Organic farming also has a lower carbon footprint than conventional farming due to the fact that it doesn't use insecticides, herbicides, fungicides or artificial fertilisers, which means no fossil fuels.

Anyway, here's a recipe to my Super Green Super Juice. It has 6 ingredients and 3 of those ingredients came straight out of my garden, the rest being purchased from my favourite local organic health food shop, Nourish in Red Hill. 

 The abundance of green behind the juice in the below images is one of my favourite foods... The miracle working Kale.

So what's so amazing about Kale? Kale is known as a green cruciferous vegetable, which are a MIRACLE vegetables for protection against cancer. Kale is also great for aiding digestion and elimination with its high fibre content and is filled with vitamins, folate, magnesium and many other nutrients.

Combined with celery, spinach, apple, camu camu, chia seeds and coconut water, this juice was SO delicious, fresh and full of homegrown love

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