Thursday, July 25, 2013

Coco Rim Amad

We met Coco during our last trip to Peru. We were organizing creative projects with ex-street kids at Mundo de Ninos and ended up renting a room where Coco lived. It turns out she had just started her own centre at Cerrito de La Virgen (a poor suberb of Huanchaco) called Milagro School Peru. Coco had already volunteered at several other organizations but frustrated with the politics she decided to do it her own way. Coco has a huge heart and a genuine desire to make positive change, living by the saying "be a good person and others will be good to you". We are very proud to have Coco as a Mentor as she represents everything the brand stands for.
She and her team built everything from scratch starting with the roof. The kids now have regular classes and plenty of art workshops which we are very excited about. Just like Coco's dress style, Milagro School is colorful and creative with a constant turn-over of fresh and positive volunteers. We are looking forward to doing some really cool creative projects with Coco and her kids very soon. Keep up the great work Coco. To find out more about Milagro or even help them out visit their Facebook page. Here are some photos from the different stages of building this wonderful place.