Thursday, March 7, 2013


This video was made in Peru while we were designing the SS14 collection and getting to know the kids at the Mundo de Ninos centre. Our goal was to nourish their natural talent by teaching them new techniques so that they can keep growing creatively. Up until this point the kids had only designed on paper so this was an opportunity to allow them to draw on an object of value. They were nervous initially doubting their ability to do the board justice. After we got the ball rolling and encouraged them they let loose and the result was amazing. I now have people coming up to me all the time telling me how awesome the design on the board is. When I tell them it was done by ex-street kids they can't believe it. The most important thing is the feeling of importance it gives the kids, knowing that their imagination has real value. This graphic will feature on products in the 2014 collection so stay tuned. To see the 2013 collection that has also been inspired by underprivileged children check out our website

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