Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Clarky's column - Monte Clerico Beach, PORTUGAL

Team Algarve, to date, consists of Roland Parkes Wimbush (The Third), Diego and Clarky, ripping it up in Portugal, gracing the beaches, retreats and restaurants with their presence. What a combo. If the south of Portugal hadn’t heard of Choclo before; then it has now.

In an almond shell- there are plenty of almond trees in these parts- the Choclo rip trip has consisted of gypsy beach camps, visits to and shows at the local yoga retreats and centres, numerous surf and yoga events, the securing of an agent- a good looking one at that too- who is going to promote the funky new range of Choclo gear, as well as a fair bit of business-related (of course) surfing, swimming, paddle boarding, eating and drinking.

We have been graced with two weeks of cloudless skies, crystal clear water, white sand shingle-cliff infringed beaches and countless good times. The adventure has not only promoted the Choclo name and given us the chance to meet a bunch of great locals, but it has also been a learning experience, particularly for Wimbush the Third, and will definitely be a trip to remember.

Monte Clerico Beach, Algarve, Portugal

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